I have been cooking for nearly 40 years, mostly at home for friends and family. I can provide a culinary delight for anyone in my kitchen on any given occasion.  Born in Chicago and raised on the south side, I know exactly how Chicagoans feel about our food–fanatical. While food in Las Vegas is amazing and experiences here are unmatched, moving here from Chicago nearly 20 years ago did present it’s epicurean challenges. Specifically, there are no pizza puffs; no late night hot, cheesy, flakey goodness on which to feast, for the price of a valet tip.  Now that I am certified and licensed to produce and sell my homemade food here in Las Vegas, I am pleased to provide you with the missing ingredient from most fast food restaurants that was never before provided in the entertainment capital of the world.. . . the Chicago Style Pizza Puff.  You should know, this is not an ordinary, frozen and re-fried pizza puff.  (Not that I wouldn’t have appreciated that 18 years ago). This begins with a homemade meatball containing 3 specific meats:  beef, pork and turkey.  And best believe, I do not skimp on the cheese.

Founding Date December, 2018

Our sincerest desire is to provide a Chicago Style eating experience with a nostalgic flare, using only a few menu items from which to choose, making the choice to visit Enjoi the best possible option to both delight and exceed your indulgent expectations

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Originally from Chicago, a pizza puff features a flaky browned exterior, with cheese, tomato sauce and usually a meat (pepperoni and sausage are most common) in the middle. It’s always fried, always greasy. Each bite makes an immediate impact, delivering fat, salt and cheese in a compact, easy-to-eat form. It is not subtle, but it’s easy to get the appeal of deep-fried pizza. Pizza puffs are exceptionally rare outside of the Chicagoland area. There is a remarkably light crust that crackles delicately when you bite inside.                         This is not a calzone or a frozen pizza roll from the grocery store, but an authentic, homemade meatball, deep fried, on-site and served hot, not reheated! Enjoi Chicago Style has created several more versions of this hometown favorite for all palates.  This epicurean delight is guaranteed to bring in the patrons that wish to enjoy the experience of “Sweet Home Chicago.” I expect to draw in crowds of people who wish to enjoy the experience I will provide. Nostalgia is key.

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